Chapter 6: to the office in the train

"Dreaming of things they did with balls and bats,
And mocked by hopeless longing to regain
Bank-holidays, and picture shows, and spats,
And going to the office in the train."
— “Dreamers,” Siegfried Sassoon

pages 9-16, published April 22, 2016

... in which Norah has a visitor.

pages 1-8, published December 10, 2015

... in which Norah makes a report.

Chapter 5: The American Experiment

Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.
— Alexis de Tocqueville

pages 17-25, published October 23, 2015

... in which Norah plans a trip.

pages 9-16, published August 17, 2015

... in which Norah discovers other uses for cold cuts.

pages 1-8, published July 8, 2015

... in which Norah rehearses.

Chapter 4: Burgundy and Blood

The world is not thy friend nor the world’s law.
The world affords no law to make thee rich.
Then be not poor, but break it, and take this.
Romeo and Juliet, Act 5, Scene 1

pages 17-25, published May 20, 2015

... in which Norah has a dream, and a nightmare.

pages 9-16, published April 9, 2015

... in which Chloe makes a change.

pages 1-8, published March 7, 2015

... in which Chloe reaches a decision.

Chapter 3: Seven or Seventy Wonders

“You take delight not in a city's seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.”
— Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities.

pages 17-25, published February 5, 2015

... in which Chloe receives some terrible news.

pages 9-16, published January 1, 2015

... in which Norah receives a (requested) lecture.

pages 1-8, published December 1, 2014

... in which Norah receives an unexpected message.

Chapter 2: Young Limbs and Lechery

“A man can no more separate age and covetousness than he can part young limbs and lechery ...”
— Falstaff, Henry IV Part 2, Act I, Scene 2.

pages 17-25, published November 1, 2014

... in which Norah discovers start-ups.

pages 9-16, published October 1, 2014

... in which Norah discovers a missing coin.

pages 1-8, published September 1, 2014

... in which Norah discovers a Magic Wand.

Chapter 1: The Best Bad Things

“I have seen purer liquors, better segars, finer tobacco, truer guns and pistols, larger dirks and bowie knives, and prettier courtesans here in San Francisco than in any other place I have ever visited; and it is my unbiased opinion that California can and does furnish the best bad things that are available in America.”
— Hilton Helper, Land of Gold: Reality vs. Fiction, 1855.

pages 17-25, published August 1, 2014

... in which Norah meets sushi.

pages 9-16, published July 1, 2014

... in which Norah meets Callum.

pages 1-8, published June 1, 2014

... in which Norah meets Chloe.